Growth Entrepreneur Life Plan




Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy is important for next level growth

Both online and offline mode should be part of the overall strategy

Social media is important for survival of any business/services




Business process Automation


This helps growth entrepreneurs to improve productivity

Process automation is the use of technology to substitute and/or supplement manual processes to manage information flow within an organization to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase consistency




Product Management


Product management is to define, develop, deploy and maintain product and services for competitive advantage and financial benefits

Product managers spends time in understanding what customers need and make necessary changes in the product or introduce new products




Growth Strategies


Growth Strategies is about increasing Revenue and Sales and exploit the existing demand

There could be different Strategies based on market, gender, region etc.




Building Brand


Brand building is very important excercise for growth entrepreneur

Brand Building is enhanching brand’s equity directly through advertisement campaigns or indirectly through promotions such as event sponsoring

Brand enhancement creates long term profitability for entrepreneurs




Cost efficiency Initiatives


In the present enviroment, this is most important function for any business or service

Every rupee saved is rupee earned and gives an entreprenur economic advantage over its competitors

If one looks into any process critically, there is definitely a room for cost saving in it




Diversification Strategies


During the growth stage, diversification is very important for an enterpreneur

Diversification is a strategy that takes a company into new markets with new products or services

There could be various strategies of diversification i.e. related diversification or unrelated diversification




Amalgamation and Mergers


For next level growth, Amalgamation and Mergers are frequently used by growth enterpreneurs

This helps an entrepreneur to expand quickly in the new market




IPO/ SME Listing


SME Listing platform helps small and Mid-level corporates to raise equity capital

During growth stage, a company has the aption to raise funds through Initial Public Offerings (IPO)




Increase in Market share/ Market Cap


Overall result which a growth entrepreneur is looking for increase in the market share by going through the entire process shown in this diagram


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